Plantar Warts

Shake off Painful Warts— Quickly & Easily

No, it Wasn’t the Toad!

Kids will be kids. No matter how many times you ask them to put on their shoes, they run around barefoot. Next thing you know, they’re complaining about warts on their feet.

They experience sharp, rubbing pain and the black “pinpoints” inside the bumps stand out like a sore thumb. Maybe your child is even digging at the warts, causing lesions or open wounds.

Don’t fret! This skin irritation is common in children and our team knows exactly how to stop Plantar warts in their tracks, even for the smallest patients.


Wart-Free in Days

The black dots inside the warts are often mistaken as buried debris from stepping on something. People pick at them, hoping get rid of whatever’s inside. This is a tell-tale sign of Plantar warts, as those dots are actually dried, clotted blood vessels caused by a skin infection.

This condition is also commonly confused with corns and calluses. Lucky for you, our professionals at Foot & Ankle Group know how to properly diagnose your condition, even when irritation masks details from the naked eye.

We aim to get you in quickly, treating and eliminating troublesome warts in sometimes as little as five days.


Our Plantar Wart Treatments

Plantar warts are small growths that usually appear on the bottom of your feet, hence the name “plantar” for the pain you feel when you plant your heel. They are caused by the HPV virus, which enters through broken skin and festers behind the surface.

At Foot & Ankle Group, we treat Plantar warts immediately:

    • Come in for a consultation.
      We’ll evaluate the lesion and test a small sample to determine if it’s a Plantar wart.
    • Get treated immediately.
      Because the warts are a type of skin infection, most only require topical ointment. The cream will create a blister-effect, pushing the infection off in five days to a week. The pain-free skin can be removed at home.
    • Return for one last check-up (or possible second treatment).
      Two weeks after treatment, we like to see patients one more time, to remove any excess skin. Some areas of the foot, such as the ball, have thicker skin and require a second treatment to eliminate all warts. For those needing another treatment, or in extreme cases surgery, we’ll treat however necessary.
    • Learn prevention methods.
      This condition is very common in children, as the virus is picked up from exposure to the ground or sometimes, damp wet conditions like a public pool. We’ll advise you to keep them in shoes and other prevention methods for a safe and long-lasting recovery.


Say Hello To Swift: A Fast Solution for Plantar Warts

Plantar wart relief is easier than ever before with Swift, the most modern and effective treatment for warts available, now available at Foot & Ankle.

Learn more about Swift treatment for Plantar warts.

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