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Serving All Feet, Big & Small, in Southwest Florida

There for All Things Foot Care

When you’re suffering, you want relief— fast! And you need a team that knows what they’re doing and doesn’t drag their feet.

Lucky for you, our foot care professionals are here to help. Whether you need to treat that infected toenail or remove painful bunions, you’ve come to the right place.

Think of our doctors as your swiss army knife for all things foot care. We’ve got a specialist for nearly every pain— and a large network of dependable referrals we can rely on for the rest.

Turn to a team you can trust, with the knowledge, expertise and resources to offer relief as quickly as possible.


What Sets Us Apart

Since 1993, we’ve aimed to recruit only the best— forming a full force of professionals to serve the foot care needs of individuals all across Southwest Florida.

Here at Foot & Ankle Group, we pride ourselves on our:

  • Compassion.
    Each doctor truly cares about your well-being, with their number one priority relieving your pain. We believe in building strong relationships, so you can expect to know each doctor by name and depend on their healing hands.
  • Honesty.
    If your condition can be treated immediately or improved with the right self-care practices, we’ll send you on your way. We enjoy seeing you, but we’d rather bump into you at the supermarket, healthy and walking on sunshine!
  • Individualized Attention.
    Our staff’s quality attention goes above and beyond. Is your neuroma flaring up or your heel seething? Our doctors understand how painful foot conditions may be and bend over backwards to see you as soon as the pain hits.
  • Quality Care & Resources.
    From our in-house facilities to our personalized recommendations, we strive to make diagnosis and treatment a seamless process. Our MRI and attached surgery center save you the time and hassle of hopping around for care.


Get Ready for Quick Relief!

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