Corns & Calluses

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Toss that Pumice Stone Out

The calluses on your foot are starting to make you think you should have chosen comfort over fashion.

Maybe you’re starting to realize you’re actually a size 8, not a 7, or that your high heels aren’t practical everyday footwear. But by now, your calluses or corns are so inflamed from constant rubbing, that it’s like you’re walking on stones. You’ve tried a pumice file, but they just come back with a vengeance.

It’s time to trust some expert care and say goodbye to the pain.


Diagnosing the Real Cause

Before assuming the lumps or thick patches on your feet are corns or calluses, get our opinion. You’d be surprised how many skin irritations resemble these conditions.

What looks like a corn may actually be a plantar wart or a patch of dry, flakey eczema.

If your foot pain occurs daily or you have diabetes, fragile skin, or circulatory problems, the problem may be more significant.

Our specialized doctors will diagnose your condition and advise on conservative care, footwear changes or permanent solution.


Our Corn & Callus Treatments

A callus is a thickened part of skin caused by friction, pressure or irritation, whereas a corn is a callus that’s made up of dead skin. Corns are more often seen on toes and tend to be smaller and whitish in color, while calluses are sometimes yellow with more defined edges.

At Foot & Ankle Group, we treat for both corns and calluses:

    • Come in for an initial consultation.
      We’ll ask about what you’ve done so far to relieve the pain, perform an exam, and an in-house x-ray as needed, to assess your condition.
    • Instant pain relief and advice for future care.
      Our doctors can properly treat you during your first visit for instant relief. But our care doesn’t stop there; we’ll educate you on the right choices for your feet. A large part of prevention is the right education.
    • Corrective surgery when it’s absolutely necessary.
      Patients still experiencing everyday pain after following our conservative care, may be good surgical candidates. For severe cases, surgery can make a world of difference and permanently relieve chronic pain.

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