Finding the Best Podiatrist For You

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Maybe you got your foot in the door (in the worst way possible), or your ankle just isn’t feeling right. If you’re experiencing pain below the knee, you aren’t alone. Since 77% of adults in the U.S. have experienced foot pain, it’s very likely that you will need a foot doctor at some point, and you’ll want to find the right doctor for you. 

Whether you seek out a generalist or a podiatrist is entirely up to you, however, you should ask yourself these four questions before you make your decision.

Are They Recommended by Your Current, Trusted Doctors?

If you have a great line-up of primary care physicians who make you feel comfortable (or even excited) for each visit, it would be a great idea to ask if they have any recommendations for a podiatrist. If your doctor does have a certain podiatrist within their professional network who they recommend to you, it’s likely that the podiatrist approaches medical care in a similar way to the doctor you already enjoy seeing. 

However, it is still important to do your due diligence and look up the recommended podiatrist online. Aspects like the technology they use and online reviews of their practice should also be considered when choosing a doctor that meets your needs— even if your favorite doctor has given a podiatrist the thumbs up.

Does the Treatment Approach of the Podiatrist Match Your Wants?

When looking to find the best podiatrist, make sure that they are the best for you and how you want to be treated. Different doctors will have different methods of treating your foot pain.

Some approaches to treatment include:

  • Holistic medicine. 
  • Surgical recommendations.
  • Tech-current, advanced treatment options.

If you aren’t the type who wants surgery as the go-to first option— don’t worry, we aren’t either— check that your chosen podiatrist offers a variety of treatments which would not only be a good fit for your diagnosis, but will also have you feeling confident in your ability to heal.  

Does the Best Foot Doctor for You Have Availability?

It’s a wonderful feeling when the quality of care you receive in-office aligns with your goals for foot care. If your foot pain needs to be treated right away (and it does), it’s vital to ensure that the doctor you wish to see is taking new patients. No matter how good they are, they can’t help you if they don’t have availability. Plus, booking an appointment isn’t the only thing we mean by availability. 

What would happen if you have questions, concerns, and other related issues? Will this podiatrist take the time— or make the time— to talk to you? One consideration when choosing a podiatrist is their bedside manner. Positive reviews can help you get a feel for how a doctor treats their patients. You can also ask your friends and family about their experiences.

Find someone who aligns with your cadence of care needs including:

  • Follow up calls.
  • Check-ins.
  • Prescriptions and refills.

 Another component of availability is the location of the office. If you’re looking for a podiatrist in Cape Coral or the surrounding area, but they only have one office location miles away, then that may not be the type of availability or accessibility you need. Finding a podiatrist or group of podiatrists who have multiple locations can make it more convenient for you.

What Experience, Certifications, and Specializations Does This Podiatrist Have?

If your preference is to have the most robustly trained individual, you should consider whether or not additional certification such as ones from the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS) and the American Board of Podiatric Medicine (ABPM) matter significantly. Non-required board certifications could indicate that these doctors may be involved in yearly continuing education seminars and conferences to keep those certifications.

Other qualifications to consider may include being a member of the Florida Podiatric Medical Association, graduating from their field of study with honors, or completing their residency program which specialized in podiatry.

The Best Podiatrists May Be Closer Than You Think

When choosing the best foot doctor near you, remember to balance their education and experience levels with their bedside manner and treatment method preferences. That way, you can start feeling better— one step at a time.

If you’re struggling with finding the right foot doctor for your foot-related issues, we have you covered better than your high-tops. At The Foot & Ankle Group, we can help you find the cause of your foot pain and offer the best treatment options (with a smile) to get you back on your feet in no time. No matter your foot and ankle problems, we’re here to help.  


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