The Disney Rash Explained

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If you’ve been to the wonderful world of Disney, you may have heard of “The Disney Rash on Legs.” While we wish it were some silly yet entertaining attraction, it is actually a condition that could happen to your lovely legs almost anywhere. Today, we’ll talk about the causes and treatment options so you can keep your feet walking on the bright side.

What Is Disney Rash?

Golfer’s Vasculitis and Other Names

Disney rash is just one of the many names people use to describe this condition. Other names for Disney rash include:

  • Golfer’s rash.
  • Golfer’s vasculitis.
  • Exercise-induced vasculitis (EIV).

Golfers and Disney park goers have something in common— they walk a lot. Disney rash is caused by strenuous exercise or prolonged walking, especially in warm and humid weather. If you have foot pain in cold weather, it is unlikely that you have EIV.

The “rash” part of the name is misleading because this condition is not a rash at all. It is actually when you have inflamed small blood vessels, causing a rash-like appearance on your legs and ankles.

Exercise-induced vasculitis typically only happens to exposed skin, which is why short-wearing walkers of theme parks and golf courses are most commonly affected.

Disney Rash Symptoms

Many people post photos of Disney rash on the internet because it can look very alarming. Common symptoms include:

  • Red to purple spots or blotches.
  • Swelling of the area. 
  • Pain and itching.
  • Stinging or burning sensation.
  • Potential patches of irritated skin.

Be careful not to assume you have Disney rash if you have persistent symptoms such as painful swelling. If the swelling is in your joints, and you’re a senior, you should check the symptoms for Osteoarthritis.

Disney Rash Treatment

Luckily, it usually goes away on its own in a few weeks. However, it’s important to stay out of the heat to bring down your body temperature and reduce inflammation. This means you may need to stay indoors and take a break from your vacationing or golfing excursion. Avoid strenuous exercise and extended periods of walking until your symptoms are gone. It’s reasonable to think that you could still exercise your upper body, but that could still affect your Disney rash— relax, you deserve a rest!

If your Disney rash is causing discomfort, you can elevate your feet when sitting or lying for long periods. Over-the-counter lotions are fine for hydrating the skin, but make sure there are no skin breaks in the area. Another great way to reduce symptoms is by wearing compression socks for increased blood circulation. Additionally, your podiatrist may suggest medication to relieve discomfort. 

When your Golfer’s vasculitis has cleared up, you should be fine to resume normal walking activities. However, make sure your legs are covered and protected from the sun to prevent recurrence.

When To See a Podiatrist for Disney Rash

Although Disney rash usually goes away on its own, you should see your podiatrist if the symptoms remain, if your symptoms worsen or spread to larger areas of your legs, or if new symptoms — such as numbness — occur. 

Your podiatrist can check your legs and make sure that there is nothing else going on. If your Disney rash turns out to be a real rash or a different issue, they should be able to identify the cause and provide you with same-day treatment options in most cases.

Keep Your Legs and Feet Walking Happy

If you think you have severe Disney rash or any other condition below the knee, an appointment with The Foot & Ankle Group can help you get back on the walking trails. We’re here to help.

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