3D Lapiplasty® Bunion Surgery

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Years of pressure on your big toe joint may have caused the abominable bunion. If your bunion is painful, hampering your ability — or will — to walk, or you can tell it’s getting worse, it’s crucial that you visit your local friendly podiatrist to explore treatment options. This is because bunions are common but complex bumps that are caused by misalignment of the big toe joint (the metatarsophalangeal joint) in up to 1 in 3 Americans.

While the right shoe gear or physical therapy can relieve the bunion blues for some patients, severe cases may require surgery. However, your bunion can grow back after traditional bunion surgery (bunionectomy), because the unstable joint in your foot was not addressed.

Fear not, bunion warriors! 3D Lapiplasty bunion surgery is here to save the day— or at least your feet. Read on for more information about the Lapiplasty surgery getting people back up and dancing in their favorite shoes.

What Is 3D Lapiplasty Bunion Surgery?

Eighty-seven percent of bunions are misaligned in three dimensions, and the bunion is twelve times more likely to grow back if the 3D problem isn’t addressed. The Lapiplasty 3D bunion surgery corrects bone alignment in three dimensions and secures the unstable joint with titanium plates, resulting in a low bunion recurrence rate (1%-3%).

Unlike traditional bunion surgery, where the bone is either shaved or cut and shifted over, the Lapiplasty 3D bunion correction procedure uses instruments designed to rotate the bone back to its normal position. In addition to the titanium plates added to secure the joint, the bone rotation straightens the toe, removes the bump, shortens recovery time, and provides long-lasting pain relief.

How Long Does 3D Lapiplasty Bunion Surgery Take?

3D Lapiplasty Surgery is an outpatient procedure and typically takes about an hour to complete. Patients can go home within an hour after surgery. You may leave the office with a walking boot to protect the area during recovery time.

How Long is Recovery Time?

3D Lapiplasty Surgery has a much shorter recovery time than traditional treatment methods. In fact, recovery time is cut in half in most cases.

3D Lapiplasty Surgery Recovery Time

After 3D Lapiplasty bunion surgery, most patients can walk within 48 hours of surgery, with their foot protected in a boot for six weeks. At six to eight weeks, patients can step back into normal (properly fitted) shoes.

While full recovery time varies among individuals, after Lapiplasty bunion surgery, patients can usually return to sports or unrestricted exercise in as little as three to four months.

Traditional Bunion Surgery Recovery Time

For comparison, traditional bunion recovery requires patients to be completely off their feet for six weeks, wearing a cast. At six to eight weeks, patients are then required to wear a surgical boot. Finally, after twelve weeks, patients can go back to wearing their normal shoes.

Say Goodbye to Your Bunion

Whether you’re looking into bunion treatment for the first time or have a stubborn bunion that keeps coming back after surgery, 3D Lapiplasty surgery could be an ideal treatment option for you.

As the leading professionals for the health of foot and ankle disorders in Southwest Florida, The Foot & Ankle Group takes pride in providing innovative corrective surgery for bunion relief.

Visit one of our locations near you, and we’ll work with you to create a customized, comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your concerns and offers you the best methods of treating your bunion once and for all. We’re here to help.


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